What's the Difference?

Lots of people ask us what the difference is between our chocolate and most other chocolate, so we've put together a comparison chart for you below...

Most Commercial Chocolate
Raw and uncooked. We process ingredients at temperatures below 45 degrees Celsius Often cooked to temperatures exceeding 130C. Enzymes and other nutrients may be damaged.
No refined cane or beet sugar! We use natural coconut palm sugar to sweeten our chocolates. This means a lower GI than commercial bars containing white sugar. Good news for diabetics. Loaded with highly refined sugars. High GI, causing blood sugar spikes followed by later energy slumps.
Vegan, dairy, and gluten free. An ethical and allergy-friendly choice. Added dairy products. May contain gluten.
All our ingredients are organically certified by the Soil Association- no chemicals or pesticides here. Various synthetic chemicals are used in growing, treating, and processing non-organic ingredients.
Pure, simple, and natural high quality ingredients. Ethically sourced. Cheap emulsifiers, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and other fillers.
Recycled, recyclable, minimal packaging. Usually include plastic and not recyclable.