Organic Goji Berries & Vanilla (60g)

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Flare up a passion with whole goji berries and vanilla. A dark delight, a kiss from Aphrodite... a bar is never enough.

Cacao Content

Chocolate contains cocoa solids 72% minimum.

Nutritional Info

Serving Size per 15g per 100g
Protein 0.9g 6.3g
Carbohydrate 6.5g 43.0g
   of which sugars3.8g25.0g
Fat 6.9g 46.0g
   of which saturates 4.4g 29.0g
Fibre 0.9g 6.1g
Salt 0.02g 0.13g
EAN: 5060238460033


Organic, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free.


Wrapped in fully recyclable foil and kraft paper.


Cacao Paste*, Cacao Butter*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Goji Berries (7.6%)*, Lucuma*, Carob*, Vanilla (0.1%)*. *denotes organic ingredient


Cacao, Vanilla: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 60%. Visit

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Customer Reviews

Any chocolate that contains just a few organic, vegan ingredients and is good enough to propel me to find their website to write a review - is some seriously decent chocolate! Highly recommend this. — Holly (Posted on 05/06/2015)
My second favourite - had nearly a full range of rawr chocolates. Tasty, chocolity, goji berries give yummy zest. Also fast delivery, very good service! — Mira (Posted on 04/01/2015)
there is a little too much of the berries but i'm in love anyway! — Noga (Posted on 24/06/2012)
I wasn't really sure what to expect, but this is some of the best chocolate I have ever had, raw or otherwise! The texture is very smooth and the flavour is rich. My new favorite treat! — Josie (Posted on 01/05/2012)
This bar is gorgeous. I'm definitely a fan for life now, along with After Dinner, this is by far the best raw chocolate I've tried. Thanks Rawr. — Nicola (Posted on 18/02/2012)
Oh my various non existent gods, THIS STUFF US AMAZEBALLS. It's hands down the yummiest most wonderbug chocolate I've ever tasted. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM. — Emma Lou (Posted on 17/11/2011)
Really yummy!
My order arrived today and I love the chocolates. Fantastic taste, truly yummy - would reccomend them to everyone! Great value for money too :-) — Xintia P (Posted on 27/11/2010)
This is absolutely delicious- amazing combination of tastes and depth of flavour- the vanilla and goji berries work really well. Can't wait for my next delivery! — Anna (Posted on 15/11/2010)
Wonderfully smooth texture, punctuated by the Goji berries adding a slightly sour note, perfect complement to the vanilla flavour. Would highly recommend this chocolate! — Julie (Posted on 12/10/2010)
Awesomely gorgeous chocolate
I am blown away by the fantastic taste, texture & mouth feel of this bar. It is honestly the best chocolate I have ever tasted. It doesnt have any of the normal drawbacks that raw chocolate can have like grainy texture, or dryness, wierd aftertastes etc. I think it is fabulous value for money too & the packaging is beautifully simple yet very effective & pleasing to the eye. — Crystalmoon (Posted on 01/09/2010)
differently lovely
I absolutely love this flavour and I normally hate goji berries! the vanilla in the chocolate is just gorgeous! should be in more chocolate in my opinion! so gorgeous! difficult not to eat a whole 50g bar in one go! but at least i know its healthy so don't feel so bad about eating it after! — ABB (Posted on 11/12/2009)