Organic Lucuma Cacao (60g)

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Velvety smooth, with a sumptuous caramel-like flavour, our Lucuma Cacao Bar is naturally sweetened with coconut sugar. A light addition to our family.

Cacao Content

Chocolate contains cocoa solids 51% minimum.

Nutritional Info

Serving Size per 15g per 100g
Protein 0.2g 1.4g
Carbohydrate 7.2g 48.0g
   of which sugars3.8g25.0g
Fat 7.2g 48.0g
   of which saturates 4.4g 29.0g
Fibre 1.0g 6.4g
Salt 0.00g 0.01g
EAN: 5060238460095


Organic, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Wheat Free.


Wrapped in fully recyclable foil and kraft paper.


Cacao Butter*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Lucuma*, Vanilla*. *denotes organic ingredient


Cacao, Vanilla: traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 46%. Visit

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Customer Reviews

I am dependent on it
I do not how it will affect me one day, but I am totally craving on it. When I have a bit I am actully eating the whole 50 gr!
Gosh, dangerous. Fortunatelly I run or swim an hour per day...and it gives me so much energy-. Fantastic
— Anna (Posted on 11/05/2015)
Now Addicted
This stuff is dangerously delicious! I'm glad i have to wait for it in the mail cause I'd be the first morbidly obese vegan ever if I had access to it every day. @_@ — Cat (Posted on 27/02/2015)
to me very tasty. Ate as the first of 5 varieties and just ... yummy :-) — Mira (Posted on 04/01/2015)
Like caramel shortbread!
When I first put a piece into my mouth, I thought it was odd how gritty it was and it tasted a lot different to other vegan chocolates I had tried. But then that surprise turned to a 'yum!'. It's kind of like eating a piece of shortbread with caramel and chocolate on top! Really nice but unusual. — Caitlin (Posted on 21/12/2014)
Love this chocolate, it's very addictive.

The best vegan chocolate, and without dodgy ingredients like agave, rice powder etc.
— E.S (Posted on 28/10/2014)
Best Dairy Free Chocolate Ever!
Finally, a dairy free chocolate which tastes like chocolate! It's not bitter or grainy at all like other chocolate alternative but has a lovely crumbly fudge texture with a hint of caramel. Definitely made my Christmas! — Lydia (Posted on 04/01/2014)
I wanted to like this, but not for me..
I bought this flavour for the first time. I expected it to be different and it is...but not in a good way, well not for me anyway...
Is it meant to be really gritty? It's not smooth like the rich dark zesty orange ones I also bought. It's a nice mottled fudge colour but tastes a bit odd to me..not particularly rich or of caramel either. Not what I was expecting at all, sadly.
— Anne (Posted on 17/07/2013)
Demolished in seconds!
I know I have already reviewed this, but I've just had my second delivery of this amazing and totally adictive chocolate and had to write more!

Apparently, ordering two bars simply isn't enough. I've got no self control when eating this, it's just an explosion of flavour and texture in my mouth and I am completely unable to resist eating the lot in one go. It really is like a crumbly, chocolatey vanilla fudge, sweet and satisfying... and beautifully presented too. Thank you Rawr :)
— Soph (Posted on 27/11/2012)
It's wonderful!
Victoria Leiths review is an apt and great description, and is just how I experienced it.

I love lucuma.
This is now my favourite Raw 'white' chocolate bar by far :) Thanks to the folks at RAWR
— Katie (Posted on 15/11/2012)
An exquisite bar...
An exquisite bar, not unlike how proper crumbly fudge should taste and feel like!

I had the good fortune to try the Christmas Gold bar this morning. I actually felt like little Charlie Bucket as I unwrapped it... it's so beautifully presented and would make an ideal gift on packaging alone! I then broke off two big squares... it was smooth yet crunchy and with the kind of flavour you get from a really good butterscotch fudge (and according to my father-in-law who makes very good sugary fudge, it should not be smooth at all!) Christmas Gold is actually a lovely contrast to some of your smoother chocolates... it's good to have an assortment rather than they all 'feel' the same on the tongue and it's just the taste that differs. I am a fan of all your bars -some of the best raw chocolate on the market - but having something different mixes it all up! This Christmas Gold bar was so delicious - really sweet and caramelly - the coconut crystals are fun to melt on your tongue!! I think this is going to be a new favourite! I hope you plan to stock it in our local Daily Bread!
— Victoria Leith (Posted on 17/10/2012)
Sweet Ecstasy
Love this chocolate, so lush and unique. Crunchier than some of the other rawr bars, in a good way! I'm surprised by the last review. It was great! — Dani (Posted on 12/10/2012)
Very disappointing
I really wanted to like this bar as it was beautifully packaged, RAWR seems really friendly, and it is raw chocolate so could be a healthier 'treat'.

But it was really disappointing. The texture of the bar is very grainy and I don't think that this is because of the hemp seeds. To me it seems more like the chocolate maybe hasn't been tempered properly. It also has a rather odd taste in my opinion (maybe I don't like the flavour of lucuma?!). After a few bites it did become more palatable, once you got more used to the odd slightly sour taste, but I can't say I enjoyed eating it. I can't imagine that many kids would like it much either, despite the 'kid friendly' statement on this website, although I could be wrong!

It may be that it just didn't suit my taste and that others would like it. But in my opinion it doesn't taste anything like 'normal' chocolate (and in a bad way!) and I wouldn't buy it again. Admittedly I haven't yet come across raw 'milk' or 'white' chocolates that do taste as nice as 'normal' milk or white chocolate, but some of the ones I have tried from other brands come far closer than this one!

Sorry RAWR! If you ever make a different light raw chocolate bar I'd try it, in the hope that I could find one I really like, but this one is definitely not for me!

**** RAWR REPLY: Hi Charlie, so sorry to hear about your experience! We've only had great feedback about this bar so far, and the "sour" comment makes me think perhaps something had gone wrong with your bar- please email us so we can look into this and make it up to you some way. Email: ****
— Charlie (Posted on 11/10/2012)