Rawr Raw Chocolate Ingredients

Organic Fairtrade Cacao

At the heart of our chocolates is Fairtrade cacao. We use it in various forms: cacao butter, cacao powder and cacao paste.

Organic Carob

A sweet raw carob milled from the pods of Spanish carob trees.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Our bars are sweetened with coconut palm sugar, which derives from the sap of the coconut tree. An entirely natural sweetener, less refined and lower GI than cane sugar, and very yummy.

Organic Lucuma

Lucuma is a Peruvian fruit. We use it in powdered form to add a rich, dairy-free creaminess to our bars.

Organic Fairtrade Vanilla

Madagascan vanilla is renowned to be the finest, so that's the one we use. We add a little of this Fairtrade goodness to every bar.

Organic Orange and Mint Oils

We use small quantities of very high quality organic orange and peppermint oil in our Orange and Mint flavours.

Organic Goji Berries

It's been some task finding organic goji berries, but we've done it! These beautiful red berries are well known for their vitamin C content, but - most of all - they taste great. Sample them in our Goji Berry & Vanilla bar or Goji Chocolate Chunks.

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