Rawr Raw Chocolate Ingredients


At the heart of our chocolates is pesticide-free cold-pressed criollo cacao, ethically sourced from Peru. We use cacao in various forms: cacao butter, cacao powder, and cacao paste.


Direct from the bean and pod of the mesquite plant, our wild & raw mesquite is a high quality source of soluble fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, and digestible protein.


A sweet raw carob milled from the pods on Spanish Carob Trees. Yummy.

Coconut Butter

Cold-pressed raw premium quality coconut butter. Mmmm.. this stuff is sooo good. Simply the best coconut butter we've found anywhere.

Agave Nectar

Our alternative to refined sugar. Extracted from the agave plant, native to Mexico, sweet and natural.

Other Ingredients

Each chocolate flavour contains some unique ingredients. From orange oil, to goji berries, we source the highest quality, tastiest, ingredients we can find!

You can see a full list of ingredients for each chocolate by clicking on the "Ingredients" tab any chocolate page. Go ahead and choose a chocolate from this page to have a look.