Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we do! International shipping charges apply. For a shipping quote add items to your cart and then enter your address details at the bottom of this page. Click "Get a Quote".

    Shipping is also calculated at checkout.

    If the weather is particularly hot where you are, we recommend to contact us before you order.

  • How is Rawr chocolate made?

    Making quality chocolate is our passion. We follow organic processes and keep all of our ingredients below 42C (usually lower) throughout to maintain their taste and nutritional value.

    In a nutshell:

    • Cacao butter and cacao paste are chopped and set to melt at low temperatures.
    • When the cacao is melted, other ingredients are added.
    • The chocolate is taken through the tempering process (a series of temperatures) to give it the right consistency, texture, and shine.
    • Chocolate is poured into moulds.
    • The chocolate bars are cooled and set, then "popped" from the moulds and wrapped in foil and paper.
  • Is Rawr chocolate suitable for diabetics?

    Here is what a type 1 diabetic who is very familiar with our chocolate has to say:

    "Before I discovered raw food, chocolate was a mine-field. I didn't want to eat conventional chocolate with refined sugars that would spike my blood glucose. I also didn't want to consume the artificial sweeteners in 'diabetic' chocolate, as I'm aware of the health controversies surrounding them.

    Rawr chocolate is sweetened with coconut palm sugar, which is 100% natural and lower GI than cane sugar, meaning it doesn't spike my blood sugar too high.

    I still keep sweet treats to a minimum, as any diabetic should, but if I want chocolate then raw is definitely the way to go."

  • Are all your bars organic? / Why organic?

    All our chocolates are 100% organically certified by the Soil Association. Find out more about why Rawr chocolate is organic.

  • How can I sell Rawr in my shop?

    Get in touch for trade information. We're confident that our chocolate will sell no matter what type of shop you have. We offer sale or return terms so you can try our chocolate in your shop with no risk.

  • Can I review Rawr on my blog?

    We love hearing what you think of our chocolate. If you'd like to review Rawr, please tell us about your blog and we might just send you some samples. Make sure to mention:

    • Your blog URL
    • Your blog audience
    • How did you find out about Rawr?
  • Is Rawr suitable for vegans? Gluten free?

    Yes and yes!
  • Where can I buy?

    Rawr is sold in an increasing number of shops throughout the UK and Europe. if we're not in your local shop yet, you can order online here, with free shipping on orders over £10. Alternatively, if you'd like to introduce Rawr chocolate to your local shop, get in touch.

  • Where's the nutritional info?

    Click through to the flavour you're interested in under 'Raw Chocolate Bars' and you'll find a full nutritional table for each flavour. The details are also on the back of every chocolate bar.

  • When will my chocolate arrive?

    Orders are usually sent on the day of your order or the day after. Most free shipping orders are sent by Royal Mail second class depending on the weather and the size of your order.

    If you need your chocolate by or on a particular date, please contact us to arrange.

  • Do you make custom / personalised chocolate?

    Yes! (sometimes)

    We have created personalised wedding favours and corporate products/gifts in the past. Customisation can include bar size, foil colour, ribbon colour, and corporate logos/messages on bar labels and gift tags. If you're interested in placing a custom order, please get in touch to discuss.

  • What about when it's hot?

    We continue shipping all year round. In the summer, we'll make sure to ship by the fastest way possible if we know it's going to be hot. If your chocolate does arrive a bit soft, put it in the fridge to re-solidify it, then keep it in a cool place until you're ready to eat it.
  • Should I keep Rawr chocolate in the fridge?

    Ideally, no. Most fridges have too much moisture which creates "chocolate bloom" - that light white layer you might sometimes see on the surface of chocolate. To keep Rawr chocolate tasting its best, keep it at room temperature. If it's really hot outside and the chocolate melts, a short stint in the fridge is fine, but return it to a cool cupboard after it solidifies and before eating.

    Here are the ideal storage conditions:

    • Long term storage: 10C to 13C
    • Normal storage: 17C to 20C
    • Melt temperature: 25C

    Each bar is protected by the foil around it, which acts as a heat and moisture barrier.

  • I want to use Rawr in my recipes - can I buy bigger quantities?

    If you're making at home, our Goji Berry Chocolate Chunks are a perfect way of using chocolate in your own recipes, and cheaper than melting down full-size bars. If you're a producer, we can supply blocks of chocolate or broken bars for use in both raw and cooked recipes.
    If you'd like to purchase chocolate in bulk, please contact us

  • Can I cook with Rawr chocolate?

    We have a number of customers who use Rawr chocolate in their cooking with fantastic results, especially with our 68% and 80% cacao plain bars.

  • Where can I find out about Rawr events? Will you attend my event?

    We do attend the occasional event with our chocolate for sale. Keep track of upcoming events by following us on Facebook and checking our blog.

    Want us to attend an event? Send us the details and we'll consider it!

  • How can I keep up with the latest on Rawr? Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Newsletter

    Lots of ways!