Easter is Coming! – Organic Solid Raw Chocolate Eggs
Mar 9th, 2011 by Kendra at Rawr

Rawr’s raw chocolate Easter eggs are here! This year they’re organically certified, have four different flavoured eggs, plus a ribbon and tag to put the finishing cute touch to our blue, recycled egg boxes.

Four 70g eggs in multi-coloured foil: orange Zest, After Dinner mint, 70% Purity and our newest flavour, 80% cacao Intensity. Raw, dairy- and refined sugar-free, vegan and handmade, as with all our chocolates. £8.95, with free shipping. Order your raw chocolate Easter eggs here.

Easter Egg Box Label

Recent Reviews
Feb 27th, 2011 by Kendra at Rawr

We’ve been sending out free samples left, right and centre recently – it seems every blogger wants to review Rawr at the moment! (We love it!)

Cashew Power

1) Emma MacDougall of Raw Food Scotland did a review with her raw food meet-up group and video-taped it! Definitely worth a look. Check out the whole review here. Here’s a summary of what she thought of our different flavours:

Rawr Intensity: “definitely my favourite – this one I didn’t share with anyone!  It really reminded me of the richness of Bournville chocolate.  Really smooth, dark and powerful…”

Rawr After Dinner: “very reminscent in taste of After Eight dinner mints”

Rawr Zest: “nice and deep without being too overwhelming or sickly”

Rawr Passion: “the goji and vanilla work very well together”

Rawr Purity: “I really liked the simplicity.  As with the Intensity bar, it had a rich dark flavour uninterrupted by other flavours or ingredients”

Rawr Cashew Power: “it was very nice to have the combination of the choc and the creamy cashews together”

Rawr Intensity

2) Brit Chick Runs. Read her review here.

“Well well well! It was SO silky, SO intense, and SO lovely! And I’m not just saying that (I’ve had other brands of raw chocolate before and was distinctly unimpressed – too dusty textured), it truly was the smoothest chocolate ever. Melty deliciousness.”

Rawr Zest

3) Moves ‘n Munchies. Read her review here.

Packed with taste is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!

I am SO for real when I say that this is the best chocolate I have ever tasted. EVER. Not only is it the best raw chocolate, but the best chocolate HANDS DOWN.

I cannot get over the SMOOTH texture that literally MELTS in your mouth.. this isn’t hard and snappy- its soft and delicate!”

Rawr Passion

4) White Lace and Strange. Read the whole review here.

Rawr Intensity: “The chocolate had a lovely dark colouring with a glossy sheen (not what I expected with the raw alternative),also the bars are nice and solid and making a pleasing “snap” sound when you break a square off.”

Rawr Passion: “I was so impressed with this chocolate as although it was just as smooth and glossy with the same tempting smell,the texture was not grainy in the least and actually reminded me of the more conventional processed chocolate bars.”

Purity and Zest

5) Salad and Sequins.

“I tried the Purity Raw Organic Dark Chocolate last night and WOW this was good!… When I think of a bar of Cadburys after tasting something like this there is no contest I’m staying raw!”

Read the whole review here.

For Swedish Raw Chocolate Fans…
Apr 13th, 2010 by Kendra at Rawr
Eanie Greenies Swedish Raw Blog

Eanie Greenie's Swedish Raw Blog

We’ve had lots of requests to review our chocolate recently, but Eanie Greenie‘s blog is a first in that it’s Swedish! Although none of us here at Rawr know a word of the language, this blog’s a raw feast for the eyes – just check out some of Cecilia’s gorgeous photos.

Here’s a few snippets of what Eanie Greenie thought of our Rawr Zest chocolate (she thoughtfully added an English translation at the bottom of the page!): “Rawr Zest. I. Love. Love…Rawr Raw Chocolate sailed straight to the top of my favourite raw chocolate bars. Now all I need is for someone in Sweden to start selling these so I can try all the other flavours too.”

And on Pecan Power: “I usually don’t go for chocolate with things like nuts or seeds or berries in them. I like a strong chocolate flavour and am quite happy with just that, so boy am I glad I got to try the Pecan Power! …the pecans are really fresh and soft, with no bitterness whatsoever. The chocolate is soft and sweet and a great match with the pecans.

Read her whole review here.

Thanks Cecilia! 🙂

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