Cambridge Raw Food Pot Luck
Jun 22nd, 2011 by Kendra at Rawr

Pot lucks are a fabulous way to sample different kinds of raw food, whether you’re long-term raw or just curious. Our local one in Cambridge has met only a couple of times as everyone’s pretty busy – including running raw food online shops and blogs (Have Raw Cake and Eat It, Raw Alchemy) and being natural healers and herbalists (Nature Working) – but when we do meet the food is delicious!

We took along a raw lasagne and a cucumber, olive, leek, tomato, olive oil, lemon and salt salad (both recipes taken from Gabriel Cousens’s ‘Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine‘). Also on offer were numerous salads, a courgette and almond dip, corn crackers, goji berry coleslaw and raw cake! Just check out the juicy colours in the photo…

Have a look for a raw pot luck near you by doing a simple internet search or checking Meetup.com.

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