Rawr Goji Berry Chocolate Now Available in Broken Chunks
Feb 26th, 2015 by Rawr

Goji berry vanilla chunksIf you’re signed up to the Rawr Newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll already know about this great new way to buy discounted chocolate. If not, read on!

Whilst our decision to put whole gojis back in our goji bar is a wonderful development for our taste-buds, it’s making our wrapping machine over-excited. Our new Passion bar breaks much more frequently than our other chocolate bars do — oops!

We’ve turned this into good news. We’re offering these broken bars for sale in various-sized pouches, so you can enjoy them as a snack or use in your own recipes — at a cheaper price than regular bars.

Aside from munching straight from the pack, here are some of our favourite uses:

  • Drizzled melted or grated over fruit and desserts
  • Melted into warm milk (or alternative) for a yummy hot chocolate
  • Added on top of porridge for a decadent breakfast (three to six blocks is perfect)
  • Melted and poured onto homemade raw bars and snacks
  • Used as a replacement for the chocolate / cacao-and-sugar part of raw or cooked recipes
  • Melted and remoulded to make your own raw chocolate treats

If you have a favourite use for our chocolate, we’d love to know! Get your goji berry chocolate chunks here.

A Whole Lot of Gojis!
Feb 23rd, 2015 by Rawr


Goji berry vanilla chunksIf you’re a long-term fan of our goji and vanilla bar, you’ll know it used to contain whole berries, but that a year-or-so ago we switched to a smooth chocolate with goji berry powder. We made the change because our new machinery didn’t like whole berries.

Though we liked the new smoothness, we missed those little red nibbles. So we’re delighted to say that whole organic gojis are back! Not only do they look great in the chocolate, we love their chewiness.

As an added bonus, we now have organic goji berry powder that we can soon offer to our customers. It’s perfect for use in smoothies, desserts, or your own chocolate creations. Send us an email if you’d like to find out more.

Whole-goji bars are rolling out to shops now and are available through our online shop.

Important: Valentines 2015 Last Order Date
Jan 31st, 2015 by Rawr

Valentines is coming! There’s an early last-order date this year. Last date to order is:

Thursday 5th February

So make sure to order your chocolate bars and Love Collections before then!


Raw & Natural Valentine’s Day Ideas
Jan 25th, 2012 by Kendra at Rawr

Whether you’re planning Valentines for a loved one, or are going to be pampering yourself on 14th February, here’s how to keep the love all-natural, raw and vegan.

Cacao Butter Massage

Massage is sensual and relaxing, and can be great for your skin’s health. A chunk of slightly warmed organic cacao butter is all you need for a great-smelling, moisturising massage bar. Coconut butter works well too, and melts a little faster in your hands.

For a little more pizazz, melt some cacao butter over a bowl of hot water or in a dehydrator, add a few drops of fragrant essential oil or some rose petals, and pour into a heart-shaped mould to set.

For more elaborate and luxurious homemade raw bath recipes, have a read of The Holistic Beauty Book.

Romantic Raw Chocolate

What would Valentines be without chocolate? Our Passion bar, aptly-named and with a heart-decorated wrapper, makes a perfect post-dinner treat. Or make a gift of the Rawr Love Collection – 4 raw vegan chocolate bars (including Passion), with red ribbon, heart-themed tag and optional gift message. Alternatively, create your own chocolate gift.

Bathing with Love

Run a relaxing, nourishing bath, adding essential oils, a few sprinkles of grated cacao butter, rose petals, or a natural pre-made bath soak, such as Raw Living’s bath salts or bath bar. Don’t forget the…

Toxin-Free Candlelight

Most regular candles are made from petrochemicals, which release toxic fumes as you burn them. Not terribly romantic! Make sure your Valentines candles are made from plant wax, such as these tea lights from Funky Raw.

Raw Dinner, in or out

If you’re in the UK and are lucky enough to live in or visit London, there’s an increasing number of raw restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic meal out – Saf, Inspiral Lounge, Vantra, Wild Food Cafe to name a few. If you want to eat raw at home without the preparation, Raw Fairies offer a food delivery service.

Dinner at home allows you to tailor your meal to your partner’s (or your) favourite raw foods. For example, if you both love avocados, why not make a delicious avocado-based salad followed by chocolate-avocado pudding?

Check out these raw food website and book suggestions for recipe ideas. This list of aphrodisiac raw foods will help give your dinner an extra boost!

Recent Reviews
Feb 27th, 2011 by Kendra at Rawr

We’ve been sending out free samples left, right and centre recently – it seems every blogger wants to review Rawr at the moment! (We love it!)

Cashew Power

1) Emma MacDougall of Raw Food Scotland did a review with her raw food meet-up group and video-taped it! Definitely worth a look. Check out the whole review here. Here’s a summary of what she thought of our different flavours:

Rawr Intensity: “definitely my favourite – this one I didn’t share with anyone!  It really reminded me of the richness of Bournville chocolate.  Really smooth, dark and powerful…”

Rawr After Dinner: “very reminscent in taste of After Eight dinner mints”

Rawr Zest: “nice and deep without being too overwhelming or sickly”

Rawr Passion: “the goji and vanilla work very well together”

Rawr Purity: “I really liked the simplicity.  As with the Intensity bar, it had a rich dark flavour uninterrupted by other flavours or ingredients”

Rawr Cashew Power: “it was very nice to have the combination of the choc and the creamy cashews together”

Rawr Intensity

2) Brit Chick Runs. Read her review here.

“Well well well! It was SO silky, SO intense, and SO lovely! And I’m not just saying that (I’ve had other brands of raw chocolate before and was distinctly unimpressed – too dusty textured), it truly was the smoothest chocolate ever. Melty deliciousness.”

Rawr Zest

3) Moves ‘n Munchies. Read her review here.

Packed with taste is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!

I am SO for real when I say that this is the best chocolate I have ever tasted. EVER. Not only is it the best raw chocolate, but the best chocolate HANDS DOWN.

I cannot get over the SMOOTH texture that literally MELTS in your mouth.. this isn’t hard and snappy- its soft and delicate!”

Rawr Passion

4) White Lace and Strange. Read the whole review here.

Rawr Intensity: “The chocolate had a lovely dark colouring with a glossy sheen (not what I expected with the raw alternative),also the bars are nice and solid and making a pleasing “snap” sound when you break a square off.”

Rawr Passion: “I was so impressed with this chocolate as although it was just as smooth and glossy with the same tempting smell,the texture was not grainy in the least and actually reminded me of the more conventional processed chocolate bars.”

Purity and Zest

5) Salad and Sequins.

“I tried the Purity Raw Organic Dark Chocolate last night and WOW this was good!… When I think of a bar of Cadburys after tasting something like this there is no contest I’m staying raw!”

Read the whole review here.

A passion for Passion: goji berry & vanilla bar reviewed!
Jul 1st, 2010 by Kendra at Rawr
Passion reviewed by Chocolate Reviews

Passion reviewed by Chocolate Reviews

Rawr Passion is one of my personal favourites in our raw chocolate bar range. Although I’m not a huge fan of goji berries by themselves, combined with our chocolate and Madagascan vanilla the taste is just simply divine – chewy and fruity and chocolatey all in one go. And with all those whole gojis on top, it’s one of our most pretty and eye-catching bars.

So I was delighted when I saw this review for Rawr Passion on the Chocolate Reviews website. You can read the whole thing here, or have a skim of some of the things the lovely Lee had to say:

“Under the outer wrapping and inner foil there was a bar of chocolate that was more solid than I thought it’d be. Previously the raw chocolate I’ve reviewed was more Wispa-like in texture. This had a much greater density – which actually made it look and feel more like a “normal” bar of chocolate…Also there was a magnificent shine to it that I don’t previously recall as being present with the other raw bars of chocolate I’ve tried…..In terms of flavour: it’s mild, slightly sweet but with a nice smooth taste that belies its lack of processing. It’s very enjoyable.”

Rawr Valentines Gifts
Jan 28th, 2010 by Kendra at Rawr

Chocolate is one of the most traditional Valentines gifts and one that will always be appreciated by the receiver. It’s easy to see why: it tastes great, is a sensual experience to eat, and its endorphins make you feel great!

Giving chocolate is hardly a new tradition: it’s been given as a gift since Aztec times. Those Aztecs knew a thing of two about the link between chocolate and passion, considering it to elevate sexual power, and drinking cocoa at wedding ceremonies (following in their footsteps, Rawr has recently had their first wedding favours order).

Yet when most people give Valentines chocolate, they end up giving a load of refined sugar, emulsifiers, hydrogenated oils and generally unnatural ingredients to their loved one, plus a sugar crash post-consumption, and probably some guilty thoughts about wobbly thighs/bums/tummies. Not so sexy. With Rawr, you can be guaranteed, as always, a delicious, quality, high-cacao chocolate without any of the nasties.

If you’re looking for the ideal gift grab a bar or two of Rawr Passion (the heart-themed wrapper says it all), or even better, the Love Collection: 4 of our best-selling large bars (including Passion), wrapped with red organza ribbon and finished with a recycled card ‘Love’ label.

Order by midday on Thursday 11th February to ensure delivery for the big day.

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