New Flavour Launch – Christmas Gold
Sep 29th, 2012 by Kendra at Rawr

Christmas Gold is like no bar we’ve made before. It is uniquely caramel-like in colour and flavour. We mix cacao butter with lucuma (a powdered, creamy Peruvian fruit), hemp seeds, vanilla and coconut palm sugar to create 60g bars of sweetness. With a cacao content of 51%, it’s the lightest bar we’ve ever made – great for kids and those who prefer their chocolate less dark.

As with all our bars, Christmas Gold is fully natural, certified organic, dairy-free, refined sugar free, handmade and hand-wrapped. The label features designs by local artist Nancy Voak.

Find Christmas Gold in our store here. Makes a great stocking filler, or  add it to a ‘build your own’ festive gift collection. The bar will be available through Rawr stockists soon.

We’d love to know your thoughts, so please leave a review on our website after you try.

Nancy Voak, Rawr Artist!
Nov 14th, 2009 by Kendra at Rawr

When we first received an email from a customer offering to doodle all over our packaging we were a little sceptical but thought, hey, who knows.. “maybe she’s good.” Well good was definitely an understatement!

Nancy's first doodles

Nancy's first doodles

We were so impressed with the talented Ely artist, Nancy Voak’s, artwork that we asked her to do designs for all of our flavours. She soon came back to us with some amazing illustrations for each of our eight main bars. Hand drawn on paper, we thought.. this is really cool but it needs some colour! Thankfully we have some in-house skills too, so we set off meticulously filling in the colours (we felt like kids with a colouring book.. well, not quite!).


Nancy’s imaginative designs have been a hit with everyone we’ve talked to and I especially love her latest one, Christmas. Here they all are in their full glory:


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