Last Order Dates for Easter
Mar 29th, 2015 by Rawr

Easter’s almost here! Last UK order dates for delivery before Good Friday:

  • 2nd class and ‘free delivery over £10’ – Monday 30th March
  • 1st class – Tuesday 31st March

Don’t forget there’s still time to enter our Easter giveaway!


Win 1kg of Goji Chocolate for Easter!
Mar 16th, 2015 by Rawr

Rawr easter eggs

Easter’s a-comin’! To celebrate, we’re offering the chance to win 1kg of our goji broken chocolate chunks (worth over £30). That’s enough to make lots of chocolate treats of your own (see our post on how to make solid Easter eggs here), or just to munch from the bag. Gorging on chocolate feels a lot better when it’s dairy-free and naturally sweetened!

Fancy 1kg of these?

Fancy 1kg of these?

Enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Entries close at the end of the day on 1st April, so we have time to ship your chocolate for Easter. UK entries only.

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If you can’t wait that long, you can buy goji chocolate chunks in different pouch sizes here, and gift collections here.

Sorry, No Raw Easter Eggs This Year… But…
Mar 3rd, 2013 by Rawr

Enquiries have started coming through about our raw Easter eggs. We’re sad to announce that 2013 is going to be an Easter egg free year for Rawr.

It’s not a decision we’ve made easily. We love making our solid Easter eggs. However, our chocolate production process has changed and we don’t have the capacity to put together our egg boxes this year. The good news is that we’ll be bringing back our Easter eggs — or another equally cute Easter product — for 2014. Hoorah!

We are running a little chocolate giveaway instead, win a case of 10 Rawr bars of your choice in time for Easter Sunday (enough to make 10 Easter eggs!)

Just fill in the form below by 25th March for your chance to win. A winner will be picked at random after the giveaway closes. Open to UK and Europe. Good luck! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you simply can’t live without your raw Easter eggs this year, here are some instructions on how to make your own.

Make your own raw vegan chocolate Easter eggs.

1) Buy an Easter egg mould, or other Easter-themed mould of your choice. We like these. If you want to make hens egg sized eggs like the Rawr ones, try this mould.

2) Get yourself some Rawr chocolate bars here. For solid hens eggs, you’ll need around one 60g Rawr bar per egg.

3) Break or grate the Rawr bars into small pieces, the smaller the better. Melt the pieces by putting them into a bowl, and then either put the bowl into your dehydrator or melt over a pan of warm water. To stop the chocolate getting too hot, we like to use hot water from the tap. You’ll need to change the water often to keep it warm enough, and stir the chocolate regularly. Just be careful not to get any water into the chocolate — water + chocolate = disaster!

4) When the chocolate’s all melted, pour or spoon it into moulds. Give the moulds a shake to get any air bubbles out of the chocolate and make sure the top surface is nice and flat.

5) Wait for it to set. If your kitchen’s very hot you might need to put the moulds into the fridge.

6) Once the chocolate’s set, you can pop the shapes from their moulds and wrap in colourful foil, drop into little gift bags, or present however you see fit. Ta-da!

Easter is Coming! – Organic Solid Raw Chocolate Eggs
Mar 9th, 2011 by Kendra at Rawr

Rawr’s raw chocolate Easter eggs are here! This year they’re organically certified, have four different flavoured eggs, plus a ribbon and tag to put the finishing cute touch to our blue, recycled egg boxes.

Four 70g eggs in multi-coloured foil: orange Zest, After Dinner mint, 70% Purity and our newest flavour, 80% cacao Intensity. Raw, dairy- and refined sugar-free, vegan and handmade, as with all our chocolates. £8.95, with free shipping. Order your raw chocolate Easter eggs here.

Easter Egg Box Label

“Best Raw Confectionery Brand 2010!”
Mar 24th, 2010 by Kendra at Rawr

Miss Eco Glam is one of the blogs I most regularly follow. Anna’s blog is a goldmine of information for anyone interested in a natural yet glamourous lifestyle, and covers many non-food areas most raw websites never touch. She reviews everything from organic dog food to toothpaste to hotels to make-up, and often blogs more than once daily. Well worth a browse, whether you’re into raw food or not.

So when Miss Eco Glam asked if she could review our chocolate, we were more than happy to send some samples. Like all our other reviewers, she loved the chocolate, but more than that she awarded us Best Raw Confectionery Brand 2010! Here’s why:

Woo wee!! Is this stuff great!!!! Actually its more than great, its pure bliss! And this is why I have given it the Best Raw Confectionery Brand for 2010. I adore it and I don’t think any other raw chocolate will top it. If it does, the company will have to wait till 2011 before I give them an award!

We’re so excited at the rave reviews we’ve been getting for Rawr recently, and it’s lovely to get such great feedback! You can read Miss Eco Glam’s whole review here. Be sure to check out the rest of her blog while you’re at it!

Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs Reviewed
Mar 24th, 2010 by Kendra at Rawr
Little Guru

Little Guru

Still undecided about your Easter gifts? Don’t just take our word for it about how good Rawr’s Easter boxes are: we’ve sent off some sample boxes to raw (and non-raw) reviewers to give us their feedback, and the results are in.

1) Victoria Leith, aka Little Guru, runs a website all about the raw and natural lifestyle. Here’s what she had to say about our eggs: These eggs are the real deal – solid chocolate, sugar and dairy-free and so unbelievably sweet (tasting and otherwise) that they would make a very lovely Easter present indeed.

Read the whole review here.

2) Our second review comes from a non-raw source. Lee runs easter-eggs.org.uk and chocolatereviews.co.uk, taking upon himself the difficult task of taste-testing numerous chocolates daily! Luckily for him, in reviewing our eggs he got the opportunity to skip the dairy and refined sugar.

You can read the whole review here, in which Lee has some lovely things to say, including: “There’s [a] great thing about these raw Easter eggs which is that for £7.95 you get four substantial Easter eggs of three different flavours. You’ve got the zest egg, the minty After Dinner and two vanilla Easter eggs which are called “purity”. They’re all pretty damn good too.

Rawr Zest Easter Egg

3) Our next reviewer…Raw Rob, of Funky Raw. Funky Raw is a great online shop – we used to buy some of our chocolate making goodies from them in the early days! They also publish a magazine for those interested in the raw lifestyle. Here’s what Rob thought:

All three [flavours] were delicious, although the mint was my favourite, with a strong cool and refreshing mint flavour….The dark chocolate ones were great too, with cruncy cacao nibs. They cost £7.95 for a box of four which includes free delivery and you can choose any combination of flavours. The eggs are solid chocolate and weigh 70g each – that’s a lot of chocolate so try not to eat it all at once (unlike me!).”

Read Rob’s review here.



4) Chocablog is a non-raw website reviewing chocolate of all kinds. Here’s a snippet: “This Rawr chocolate with its solid, firm feel and glossy finish is the closest [raw chocolate] I’ve seen to a mass produced chocolate…

Read his whole review here.

5) Finally, check out Miss Eco Glam’s rave review, where she awards Rawr Best Raw Confectionary Brand 2010! Read it here.

Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs
Mar 3rd, 2010 by Kendra at Rawr

Easter is fast-approaching, and Rawr’s chocolate Easter eggs are almost ready. Probably one of the most original Easter gifts you’ll see this year, and possibly the only raw chocolate eggs in the UK! They were a massive hit last year, and are now available for pre-order.

Incredibly cute blue recycled egg boxes packed with multi-coloured, foil-wrapped, raw chocolate Easter eggs.

Four solid 70g eggs (that’s a satisfyingly chunky amount of chocolate!) in After Dinner mint, orange Zest, and dark Purity.

Raw, refined sugar free, vegan, fully recycled and recyclable packaging, and stacks of originality and fun!

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